THE CREDOS is a division of MAEF (the Metaxis Archeological Earth Fund) with the sole mission to disseminate The Self by piecing together artifacts discovered through excavation series 824 on planet Earth.

A note from Anakalytpos III, president of MAEF:

"Understanding our origin through artifacts and stories that have been passed down for millenniums has been my father’s sole mission when he begun this fund almost three hundred years ago. He would tell us as children, “Everything has a story that comes full circle.” He became fascinated with the legendary tales of my twenty-four-times-great-grandfather, Metaxis, who was proclaimed as the main figure that led to the downfall of Earth’s last monarchy into the beginning of the current largest dynasty The Planets had ever known. My father spent much of his youth connecting artifacts to stories, and what started as a passionate pursuit became an obsession. His personal endeavor turned into a universal mission to help bring a deeper, unified understanding of where we all come from."


Read The Book of Prota, the first batch of restored artifacts from THE CREDOS.