Prota 14
Prota 14

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Prota 14
Limps, Legends, and Bronze

Evanis was born and raised in the small town of Sidero, also known as the city of iron. It was located in the far southern region of The Lands and had the largest population of blacksmiths. For centuries, they had been known to forge the strongest alloys into weapons for vast armies and some of the greatest warriors to wield.

As a child, Evanis would play with weapons crafted by his father in the outdoor work area. He would attempt to raise shields and spears larger than himself and role-play as the great warriors who fought in famous battles. He dreamt of becoming a warrior and be remembered forever for his bravery and skill on the battlefield. However, Evanis could not live out this dream as he had been born with a disfigured right foot. This caused him to walk with a limp, causing the generals to refuse his application to join their military camps. Instead, Evanis joined his father as a blacksmith from an early age to work. He made a vow to himself that if he would not be remembered as a warrior, he would be remembered for his weapons, and so with immense discipline and determination, he quickly became a master of the trade.

Through his adolescence, Evanis went on to produce many weapons on his own since his father often became too ill and weak to work. When his father died, Evanis inherited the entire business.

He obsessively studied the history of weaponry and the science behind metals. He trained vigorously with his own equipment before and after work for hours to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the builds. The boy garnered a masterful reputation that usually took blacksmiths an entire lifetime to attain, and at nineteen years old, he modeled the physique of a full time warrior.

Even though army generals were greatly pleased with his craftsmanship, Evanis was never fully satisfied with his own work. He knew he had yet to create the perfect weapon to be remembered by.

Evanis soon became disinterested in iron and started experimenting with various types of alloys—specifically bronze.