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A Foreword by Anakalyptos III

A Foreword by Anakalyptos III, president of MAEF

(Metaxis Archeological Earth Fund)

Within several centuries, MAEF has been responsible for great findings that have propelled our understanding of humanity in unprecedented ways. Understanding our origin through artifacts and stories that have been passed down for millenniums has been my father’s sole mission when he begun this fund almost three hundred years ago. He would tell us as children, “Everything has a story that comes full circle.” He became fascinated with the legendary tales of my twenty-four-times-great-grandfather, Metaxis, who was proclaimed as the main figure that led to the downfall of Earth’s last monarchy into the beginning of the current largest dynasty The Planets had ever known. My father spent much of his youth connecting artifacts to stories, and what started as a passionate pursuit became an obsession. His personal endeavor turned into a universal mission to help bring a deeper, unified understanding of where we all come from.

This mission has not changed. With MAEF, we have deepened our understanding of The Self by uncovering what has been lost or hidden, and we have seen remarkable connections between the artifacts discovered from The Lands of our ancient ancestors to the stories that have been passed down. Storytelling has been an age-long tradition for humankind—holding great power in explaining the core of who we are, where we come from, what we are made of, and where we are heading. Naturally, stories morph over long periods of time and inevitably become lost or forgotten. That is what makes this discovery truly special. It not only revives the legends of our founder, Metaxis, which was the original quest of my father, but it pieces together Earth-wide artifacts previously thought to have belonged to different civilizations that were separated by the seas. My father’s words to me as a child are now ringing to be truer than ever before, as we are in the process of witnessing a story that comes full circle.

During my term as president, we have discovered artifacts including the Statue of Perfection, the Shroud of One, the Golden Spear of Apistos, and The Missing Toy Horse of Theodoros, amongst many others. These physical remnants have been preserved for their unique attributes  and believed origins but have remained as great wonders. For centuries, researchers have suggested them to be linked to a series of sacred myths that have long been forgotten. Although compelling clues have appeared, none have been strong enough to validate their origins; until now.

We have been laser digging in the arctic glaciers of Earth (which long ago was a vast desert) and have found a goldmine of artifacts in a remote region that used to be known as Draka.

Draka was the birthplace to great artists and inventors, economic and political systems, technologies, reigning empires, and home to our founding enterprise. Our team has been hard at work deploying specially curated equipment that safeguards every extraction of artifacts which have been buried in ice for millennia.

In these extractions, we have discovered a series of transcripts written by hand on papyrus parchment in an unusual dialect. What makes these artifacts exceptionally unique is how well they preserved over time. The parchments were separated in batches, wrapped with hemp fabric, and discovered in a wooden chest that was buried in a pit approximately eighty feet below Earth. Our dendrochronological data extracted from the chest has verified the timeline of these events to match the radiocarbon dating of the papyrus parchments, meaning that the writer had to have been from the same relative time period of the events recorded. The greater mystery lies in the content of the parchments themselves.

A team of linguists have been able to translate the dialect, combining several ancient languages together, to reveal interconnected stories of true events and myths. Upon our investigations, the gap between fact and fiction of historical tellings of The Self is rapidly decreasing as we have been able to match previously discovered artifacts to the images described in these transcripts.

The writer remains unknown, although a signature identified as Prota appears on the cover of the first batch along with a descriptor of THE CREDOS on the second page, seemingly referring to themselves by that identity. These helped us to transition the name of this ongoing excavation series which was formerly known as series 824 to THE CREDOS, and the first batch of parchments which was formerly known as ID 199.327 to The Book of Prota.

As our efforts continue in the extraction and restoration of these findings, we are excited to finally present the results in a book-like format of the first batch restored: The Book of Prota. Our team has done a masterful job in restoring the parchments while keeping the pages consistent to the original order found in the chest. To upkeep the integrity of the artifacts, only chapter breaks and artificial titles were created for better organization. The formatting and text coloring remain consistent with the original transcripts as we will continue to do the same with the next batches.

My father smiles upon all of us as we are taking our largest leap yet with this breakthrough of discoveries. It has been a deep privilege to serve as president for the past century and thank everyone for their contributing efforts to making every discovery possible. MAEF was premised on the sole mission to discover and unite, and we believe everyone has the fundamental right to access this information. We will continue to stream updates of this series on a dedicated server at

Thank you for joining us on this magnificent new era of Self-discoveries.

May you be with One,

Anakalyptos III

President of Metaxis Archeological Earth Fund